The Amazfit Stratos is a GPS fitness watch with an affordable price

Amazfit Stratos smartwatch

As you would expect with a modern fitness wearable, the Stratos comes equipped with a built-in heart rate monitor that periodically checks the wearer’s pulse throughout the day and offers continuous monitoring during a workout. That data is then analyzed using algorithms designed by Firstbeat Technologies to provide athletes with accurate measurements of their cardiorespiratory performance. This measures the wearer’s V02 max rating and can be used to track the impact of specific types of workouts on their overall fitness. Firstbeat’s analytics can also recommend how much recovery time an athlete should take between workouts and keeps track of the overall training load for an entire week, providing a snapshot of all activities over the previous seven days.

Despite being packed with all of these features and technology, the Stratos still manages to provide excellent battery life. Amazfit says that it can last up to five days on a single charge, which is great news for athletes who don’t want to have to worry about charging their fitness trackers every day, but still want all of the features that this wearable has to offer.

The new Amazfit Stratos is available today and sells for $200. Find out more on the Amazfit website.

Kraig Becker