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"I have more endurance and determination that I have ever had in my life..."

"I have been working with Suzy for the past year. I started off at 190 lbs. and was a size 14, now I weigh 150 and I am a size 8. She has challenged me to accomplish more than I thought I was able to. I have more endurance and determination than I have ever had in my life to be healthy, look fit and exercise daily. I enjoy working out with Suzy and I will miss her tremendously. I am now ready and able to join the military because of the results I have achieved through working with her. Suzy has been dedicated working with me to become a healthy and fit individual. She motivated me and helped me achieve incredible results quickly and encouraged me with her willingness to push me on even when I wanted to give up. I highly recommend you train with Suzy. Call her today and get ready to have a great time, sweat and achieve great results."

Melissa Altazin

I was a chronic gym hopper before I started working with Noha and her team last year at Fitness Lab Jax. I would go months, sometimes a year, without setting foot in a gym, until I took their 8-week boot camp. Since then I’ve been hooked! Fitness Lab Jax is the first gym I’ve been a member of where I felt connected with the staff and experienced drastic results in strength, endurance, and aesthetics concerning my body. Nothing feels better then when my friends and family tell me how great I look and they ask me how I did it. I tell them: Fitness Lab Jax.

Boot camp has become a way of life along with eating right and keeping my mind motivated to hit the gym. Noha and her food plan were pivotal to my success. In 4 weeks I lost 15lbs without feeling hungry, and for the most part, satisfied with the foods I ate. Granted I wasn’t able to eat my beloved pizza and burgers, but I learned to love the way my body felt when I fed it right. Something I have never done.

Now that I have signed up for a full year membership, I am able to set new goals for myself which will include a new food plan that will hopefully result in another 15lbs lost, personal training sessions, and I even get to bring my friends along with guest passes to hopefully help motivate them to get in better shape too. As someone who works at least 45 hours a week and has many extracurricular activities, I needed a gym like Fitness Lab that had tons of classes and flexible times to keep me from making excuses. I couldn’t be more grateful to Noha for being such a motivating factor and a huge contributor to helping me reach my fitness goals. Diana and Maribel are also wonderful instructors and kick my butt at every boot camp session I attend. THANKS LADIES!!!

Christie Donoho

Hi! Just thought I’d let you know how much I LOVE your gym. The people and the trainers are all so friendly and my workouts are awesome. I love Catalina’s boot camps, and also anything that Mike McDaniels teaches as well. Everything about your facility is exactly what I’ve been looking for all these years.

THANK YOU for a great experience every time I come!

I’ve been doing the boot camps for six weeks now and I can see and feel the transformation that my body has undergone. As a result of these boot camp sessions, I feel stronger, I have more stamina, and my overall health has significantly improved. I have been disabled since late 2001 after suffering a traumatic brain injury and let me just say…the intensity of these workouts will kick your butt. Very therapeutic! I can’t say enough about it. Just come in, give it a try, and you’ll be on your way to a new/more healthier you.


Since joining Fitness Lab Jax in April 2009 I have lost over 10 lbs in weight, gained a lot of muscle and generally become a lot fitter and healthier. However, my recent six-monthly visit to my Dr’s had a surprise in store for me. I was told that with my weight of 122.5lbs my BMI was very good and my immunity and body health is that of a 25yr old! Having been diagnosed with metabolic syndrome in April of ’08 it became imperative that I lose weight – at that point, I weighed in at around 152lbs. A low GI diet followed by moderate exercise enabled me to lose 17lbs in just over two months. However, it was not until I came to Fitness Lab Jax this year that I found the exercise level to really push me to my full weight loss potential. Thanks to Fitness Lab Jax, my trainer Billy pushing me beyond what I ever thought I could do, and my single-mindedness to regain my health this program really works. Eat clean, work out hard and get your health in order – that’s the key.

Thanks, Denise Manderscheid

I am a 58-year-old male diabetic and a cardiac patient. I have been a member of the Fitness Lab Jax for four months. I do light workouts almost every day and at various times during the day. There is always equipment available, there is always a helpful staff member in attendance, the facility and exercise machines are always clean, and there is always adequate parking. My exercise routine has made me look better and feel better. Further, I am heartened by observing a clientele that is multi-ethnic and one which reflects both males and females across a wide range of ages. The membership includes individuals who look like athletes and those who are there to remedy years of physical neglect. The environment is not competitive, but one where everyone pursues their own personal objectives. In addition, I have observed classes like the Fitness Lab Jax Boot Camp that involve many members in exciting high energy group activities. My time spent at this center has been one of my most satisfying investments.

Dan S.

When it came to working out, I had a very negative attitude and lacked the requisite motivation to get the results I wanted. As a result, I started training with Noha. I explained to her what I wanted and she immediately started working with me. She helped me get in the mindset I needed to be in to maximize my potential in the gym. Noha taught me that to be physically fit, it isn’t just about working out or finding the right diet. It is a lifestyle – a combination of eating right, exercise and maintaining a balance that fits my life. Through her, I learned that what works for one person may not work for another. Much to my amazement, Noha has worked with me for months and helped me get back into shape. As a result of training with her, I was able to achieve things I have never before been able to do. She has taught me strength training, the proper way to work out with weights, and how to maximize the results from a cardio workout. I have also learned about good foods and bad foods, and what types of supplements are important to assist in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I have been so pleased with the results, I have referred three people to her. If you are looking for someone to get you started or push you harder to get to your fitness goals, I promise you that Noha will be the one to get you where you want to be!

Thanks, Jill Levin

After the birth of my Baby girl HALA (now she is 13 month) I truly appreciated my body in a BIG way! Ladies I have felt you’re PAIN, especially after a c-section. and it just hit me my body is not the same any more I am 35years old with new baby, new business hardly getting any sleep using the food for comfort , I kept hitting the wall ,the weight is not coming off and the scale is not moving I know what to do. I just was not ready to be committed, my weight was always under control 5 lb up or down no big deal, I decided that I am not going to be the that woman any more and I am not going to use my baby as an excuses any more. I was 145 lb 3 months later now I am 121 lb. I am fit, strong and I feel great. Regaining my fitness level I was always going to be my greatest challenge. I am proud to say, that has been one of my biggest accomplishments as a personal trainer and a fitness coach.

Noha Soliman

I had trained with Noha for a year before getting pregnant. Prior to my pregnancy, Noha had me down to 12.5% body fat and feeling great. I continued to train with her during my entire pregnancy. I was a diabetic and at high risk for a very large baby. Because I trained with her the entire pregnancy, Rebecca was only 7lbs, 13oz at birth. I have continued to train with her post-partum and am back below my pre-pregnancy weight less than eight months after giving birth!

Mary Pope

My Boot Camp experience has been amazing, after the 1st week I was hooked. Every week I’ve accomplished something I couldn’t do the week before. The ultimate satisfaction is in seeing results and my trainer Noha is delivering me noticeable results. I would not say that Boot Camp is “easy”, but it's definitely doable for any fitness level. Fitness Lab Jax as a whole is very welcoming. All of the trainers & staff make you feel comfortable while giving you the health and fitness education and motivation you need to be successful in meeting and maintaining your goals.

Stephanie Brooks

My name is Alaina Batts, and I began training with Noha at nearly 150 pounds at a size 8/10. I wanted to lose about 15 pounds for a special event that was 7 months out. In the first month, I lost 12 pounds! The more I worked out with Noha, and with a great meal plan from Noha, I was feeling better than ever and surprising even myself with my weight loss. Noha succeeded in helping me meet and surpass my goal and get my body toned. My lowest weight was 114 pounds, 12% body fat, at a size 2!! I now know what to eat and how to be physically fit, and feel better than ever! Noha is also my motivation. I have had several gym memberships in the past, but I would go a couple times, and then stop, wasting money each time. With Noha there to motivate me, I now enjoy working out, and look forward to a great, but tough, workout. Noha is definitely the best at what they do!

You guys are awesome, Alaina Batts

I just wanted to say how much I appreciate you for the great effort you gave me in my fitness journey. By the end of our 3 month training session I really do feel that you have changed more than just my body fat but also my over all health. I feel more fit than ever. The training program that you created for me was never boring and in fact it made me more than willing to give it my all. Every session left me feeling more challenged and more fit, week by week. You have truly made fitness apart of my overall lifestyle.

Thanks, Amira

Noha was my trainer for over 3 years now…I never believed in weight lifting, I never believed that I could change the shap of my body that drastically, I never believed that I could become a muscular, fit, and in athletic woman. I always thought that aerobics and modern dance was enough. Noha has not only changed my body but my mind as well. She is a tough trainer, and she would never settle for less, and her perserverance with me, is healthy and bring results. Today because of her, I am proud of my body and as a result I am an ambassador of Fitness Lab Jax to all that meet me.


I consdier myself to have found you and hired you as my personal trainer. I came to you 3 years ago in terrible shape, both physically and emotionally. Now I am a brand new person, I feel dramatically better and I owe alot to you. I have always felt from you that you were truly concerned with my overall well being and my progree towards being a fit and healthy person. You made my training fun and interesting. You were always introducing new exercises, making it fun and challenging. The effect on my life has been great. I have alot more energy, better health, and an awesome figure now. Training at Fitness Lab Jax, has become one of my favourite things to do.

Kind Regards, Nihal Khallaf

My name is Joseph Pope, and I’ve been working out with Noha for about two years. When I arrived in Jacksonville to begin clerking for a federal judge, I certainly was not at my healthiest. While in law school I was so stressed I started skipping meals and my exercise regimen was very erratic. As a result, I arrived in Jacksonville rather lanky—I am 6′ 1″ and I weighed approximately 158lbs. I met Noha, but I wasn’t too receptive to the idea of hiring another personal trainer. I had hired trainers before and I was always dissatisfied because all they would do is talk and I never saw any results: on the scale or in the mirror. But Noha convinced me to give her a chance, and I am so glad I did. As I mentioned, I started out weighing 158lbs at about 15% body fat and my bench press was approximately 145lbs. Today, I weigh 191lbs at about 13% body fat and I can bench press close to 300lbs! I just listened to Noha, trained hard, and did what she said and I packed on muscle and leaned down. Plus, I feel great! Whatever your goals are, i.e, gaining muscle, losing weight, or just feeling better, train with Noha and follow her advice, and you’ll reach them.

You Guys are the Best, Joseph Pope

My name is Deb and I have trained with Noha for about two years. At my heaviest weight I was 228. With Noha’s encouragement and nutrition tips from Noha, I was able to reach my lowest of 126 at age 51! There are many days I am not in the mood to workout or train, but Noha is always there pushing me and trying new workout routines to keep it interesting. Not only have I lost weight and gained muscle, I met a goal of finishing a 5k. When I first started working out, I did 8 minutes on the treadmill at 3 mph. Last year I finished the Ortega River Run (5 miles) in 56 minutes without stopping! I have gained weight over the holidays but with Noha’s firm motto “A little less talk…..and a lot more action!” I am planning to run Ortega again and the Gate River Run! Please stop by and say hello if you see me with Noha…I’m the one that is sweating but loving it!

Thanks Guys, Deb Miller

Thank you for the many workouts at 6:00 Boot Camp. You kept it active and lively and I am in much better shape now than when I first showed up. I think this program would be great for about anyone and I am now motivated to eat better and be more health conscious. I am taking a break but hopefully will be back.

Peter Esdale

The first 2 weeks of Boot Camp have been everything I hopped for. I have been attempting to work out myself at the clubhouse where I live, without much success and some injuries. The Boot Camp as offered a structure and a motivation to get me in shape. Being 63 years old it is sometimes difficult to keep up with the younger kids. But, after 2 weeks I can feel a difference for the better.

Jody Ballard

When I first started with Fitness Lab Jax, I was not at my worst ever but I was not happy anymore. I started with 6 weeks of Bootcamp with 6 weeks of personal training. While some days are tougher than others (to get motivated and push myself) I do not regret my decision. For the first time in my life I am able to by Medium and a few Small size clothing items. I am not close to my goal but am getting more motivated and excited to reach it. 2 mini goals I have set for myself this year are to run the Gate river run (15K) in March and to run the Oklahoma City Memorial Half Marathon in April. Fitness Lab Jax has been a great motivator, especially when I’m having a hard time pushing my self.

Thank you Fitness Lab Jax, Stefanie Leehan

I have been a member since October 2009. I really have seen changes in my body and life style. I fell better, less headaches, more energy. I have lost weight and my body is more toned. I really enjoy the classes and the assistance from Noha and Mike, my trainers.

>Thank you guys, Paula Andrea Pou

For years I made the typical trips to the gym where you start to bust a sweat, press the stop button, and call it a workout. I never got any results which sent me into Fitness Lab Jax. I started training with Mike with hopes of dropping 20 lbs. Mike got the 20 lbs off and much more. I currently have lost 30lbs and 3 pant sizes, but most importantly I have gained a better outlook on life. Mike brings motivation, excitement, and enthusiasm to the workouts and can put a smile on your face even on your worst day. If it wasn’t for Mike and his constant push for success, I would not be the person I am today. I never realized that working out could be fun, enjoyable, and rewarding. I have referred lots of people to Mike and Fitness Lab Jax and every one of them loves it as much as I do! I owe the world to Mike for making me a healthier, happier person and I can’t wait to see even more results!!


I joined Fitness Lab Jax in October after seeing their ad in Craigslist, $99.00 for a six week boot camp, even I could commit to that! I came in and talked to Daniel and walked out a full time member! The gym appealed to me right from the start. I t is small enough that I do not get lost in the crowd. Everyone that I met has been a tremendous help in keeping me focused and motivated from all the instructors to the other members. I’m so excited to come work out now. The daycare makes it so easy to do my workouts without worrying about my kids. Now even my kids are motivating me to go to the gym! They love it there. When I started in October I weighed in at 202 pounds. I did boot camp with Mike at 12PM on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, ab attack with Noha on Wednesdays and Fridays at 11AM for half an hour and Pilates with Eiffe on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 12PM. I also joined in on the 90-day challenge. Another way that Fitness Lab Jax has of motivating its members.

Well… 90 days later, even with Thanksgiving and the Christmas holidays,(this is how great the classes are) to my great surprise I actually won the 90-day challenge! I lost 18lbs and 30in!! I won some really great prizes but the best one was the 18lbs and 30 inches! Fitness Lab Jax added even more classes, so as a full time member I was able to participate in some extra classes now that I am in better shape. I still go to Mike’s boot camp at 12PM on Mondays , Wednesday, and Fridays, Ab Attack with Noha at 11AM on Wednesdays and Fridays and Pilates with Eiffe on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 12PM. I’ve started taking Noha’s boot camp on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 11AM and TRX on Tuesdays with Mike and Thursdays with Daniel at 10:30AM. All the Instructors have their own style of working you hard, they even customized my work outs because I had recently had knee surgery. I enjoy working out with all of them!

I now weigh 177lbs, my goal is 130/135lbs and I can honestly say that at Fitness Lab Jax I can see it happening. I have not found something that has motivated me to stick with exercising and eating right in such a long time. Five kids later I can see me actually accomplishing my goals. I was looking for a gym where I would not get lost in the crowd, and boy did I hit the jackpot! If you’re looking for a very hands on gym, where you can get advice from all the trainers, where its members are great and encouraging, a fun to work out atmosphere, well I’ve found it! Fitness Lab Jax gave me back my “Want” to work out. I love coming in and getting a great workout every day.

Elly Turner

I started training with Noha about three years ago. I had been working a lot of long hours and was really out of shape, but just figured that my age was finally catching up with me. I have to admit that my first session was the longest half hour of my life, but after awhile I began to enjoy it, especially when I started seeing results. I went from a size 8/10 to a 4/6 and was able to give up; cholesterol medication. My blood sugar had been creeping to an undesirable level, but it is now down to normal. I really feel that working out is a real fountain of youth-nobody ever believes me when I tell them how old I am!

Elaine Walker

At 35 years old I decided to get healthy, not skinny, but healthy. Having been overweight and a couch potato all of my adult life, it was a daunting task. I had a friend who was in her first 6 weeks of bootcamp at Fitness Lab Jax and seeing her results every week was amazing to me. She was constantly telling me how great the classes and the trainers were; she was genuinely excited to work out. I thought that is what I want. So I signed up for 6 weeks of bootcamp classes Mon, Wed and Friday at 7p. I walked out of my first class with Noha and what was running through my mind was “that is what I want my body to be able to do”. After my first 6 weeks I was less 18.5 inches and was so proud of myself. I became a gym member that same night and have never looked back. Four months and more than 30 inches later I look forward to working out which amazes me because I could never see myself as someone who would. The trainers and classes at Fitness Lab Jax are THE reason for the change in the way I view exercising. Instead of dreading having to get up and do something to be healthy I can’t wait to get to class and work out. Thanks to Noha and the rest of the trainers I look and feel healthy, my BMI is considered healthy for the first time and at a size 6 rather than a 16 (where I started) I guess I am considered skinny too which really is just a bonus.

Thanks, Keetha McArthur

I am a 48 yr old male that has been running for almost 5 years. I thought I was in pretty good shape but wanted to get fit for a marathon later this year. I signed up for boot camp and Noha designed a nutrition plan for me. In 90 days of boot camp with Noha, TRX suspension classes and following Noha’s meal plan, I lost over 4” in my waist, dropped over 4% body fat, lost over 15 lbs and feel great. I can assure you this works!

Robert Tesney

I am so elated to have been introduced to Suzy Levesque. She has truly transformed my body, as well as my mind. I have always been athletic and thought I was in shape but need a little push to just feel better about myself again. Then I met Suzy and started workout with her, who has taken me to a whole different level. In three months, she has produced quick results by incorporating different strength training, cardio and circuit training routines for me. She motivates me to work hard and achieve things that I thought only a twenty something version of myself would be able do. Every workout with her is fun and challenging at the same time. My goal was to be fit by my 40th birthday, which is still five months away. She has not only helped me to look good but I feel better about myself then I have in a long time. I have strength and confidence in myself because I know I’m looking fit. She knows exactly what a person needs to do to get rid of the fat and build lean muscle by what you need to eat (and not eat) and exercise. Thank you so much, Suzy, for helping me achieve and surpass my fitness goals. You may not realize it, but you are an inspiration to me and all those you train.

Susie Caron

Billy, I just wanted to say thank you for continuing to offer a results driven boot camp class in Jacksonville. Your classes are consistently challenging (this is no Jane Fonda class!) and I can feel it the next day which I love! It serves as a reminder to eat right and stay on track! More importantly I am in better shape now than when I was in high school and I’m 33 years old! Your class beats any others that I have taken in Jax and I’ve taken pretty much all of them. There’s nothing else like it and for once I actually look forward to working out! So thanks again and keep up the great work! You’ve gained a client for life! Where you go, I go!


I first joined Fitness Lab Jax in January of 2011, with the plan of trying out the 6 week bootcamp class. Initially when I first went to the gym I was a bit intimidated and worried that I would not be able
to keep up with the advanced bootcamp class. This was the only class that I could make considering my work schedule. Noha was a great instructor and pushed me to give it my all. Little did I know that I
would become so hooked. I have had gym memberships in the past and would stop going because I would get discouraged and never see results. This was something different, it was a class that had someone telling me what to do and working out different areas of my body. In the beginning, I weighed in at 161 pounds. I wanted to give myself a year to get into shape and meet my goal of 140 pounds, by my 30th birthday. I started to see results after my six weeks, so I decided to join the gym on a montly membership. I kept up with the bootcamp classes and also started doing the TRX, Abs and Pilates classes. I have to say the results I have seen are like no other, I definately have kept up with the classes and pushed myself. I decided in November to give myself a little boost and signed up to do Noha’s Monthly Meal/Diet Plan. The plan has been amazing and I have lost about 9 pounds within a month. I’m constantly eating and still managing to lose the weight. So, I have turned 30 and I weigh in at 142.6. I can say that regardless if I met my goal or not, I still managed to do well and will continue to push myself thru-out the rest of this new year! I’m so happy that I found this gym and Noha.

Amber Pickens

When I started training with Suzy over 3 years ago I had not been in a gym in over 5 years. I had no upper body strength or stamina to get through boot camp. Suzy was very patience and encouraging and has since whipped me into the best physical shape I have ever been in and at 57 I am still able to do boot camp. What struck me most about Suzy was her professionalism, she was always on time for our sessions and if I had any injuries she always found a way to work around them and most importantly she taught me it was most important to get the form/technique right. Thank you Suzy for all you did for me and I wish you nothing but the best.
Miss you,

Suzy was great to work out with. She always had something new to try in the routine to bring variety while keeping it challenging. I could see differences in my muscles within a short amount of time.

Lynn Johnson