Nutrition & Health Coaching

best-fat-loss-diet-for-women-oceanside7-diet-solution-plan-1-425What does a Health Coach do?
A health coach will be a helpful guide on your journey to living a healthier life. A health coach will take the time to get to know you, your habits, your lifestyle, your current diet, your health history, your history with previous diets and exercise, and your health and wellness goals. They will work with you to outline a plan designed to help you become successful.

6 Reasons to hire a Health Coach:
1-  A great coach will combine a diet blueprint with your goals and preferences to design a program that works just for you.
2- A good coach kindly but firmly holds you accountable for your goals.
3- Inspiration. A top-notch coach can provide encouragement and offer effective strategies to help overcome obstacles and help you stay on track.
4- An A-game coach will teach you practical, easy to implement principles that empower you to take on any situation with confidence.
5- An amazing coach is a good listener and can be that much-needed confidante to really hear what you are saying and help give you advice.
6- A savvy coach will help you troubleshoot when the scales aren’t budging and you’ve hit a plateau.

If you’re considering a coach, I hope you’ll choose Amanda. She has helped numerous people meet their health goals!

Health Coach Programs

Health History Consultation $50
The consultation can take place at Fitness Lab, Starbucks, or your home. We will discuss your goals, health challenges, and find a program that works for you. We will also go over the packages in our consultation.

Coaching Session $99
A 60 minute session discussing a topic of your choice.

Grocery Store Tour $149
A 90 minute tour at your favorite grocery store. Learn healthy tips, quick snack ideas, and ways to improve your shopping habits.

Kitchen Makeover $99
A 60 minute session in your kitchen to help set yourself up for success.

Jumpstart $699 

This 4 week program is exactly what you need to get a jumpstart to your healthier lifestyle! It includes a grocery store tour, a kitchen makeover, 8 personal training sessions, 4 one on one coaching sessions, unlimited text messages, and health information designed to meet your specific needs.


Meal plan for $150