Noha Soliman 

Noha is the founder of Fitness Lab Jax and a certified personal trainer that has developed a no-nonsense full body workout system. She has been successful in helping many of her clients rapidly shed unwanted pounds in just weeks, no matter what level of fitness.


Noha obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education 1997. She also has certifications as an ISSA Personal Fitness Trainer and Performance Nutrition Specialist since 1999. Noha also has certifications in the following areas: APEX Fitness and Nutrition, Specialist Exercise Therapy, Weight Management Coach, TRX Suspension Trainer, Mat 1,2 Module , Reformer 1 from balance Body University, NESTA Certified Mind & Body Specialist, Certified Weight management consulting agent. Noha began her career working with clients as a personal trainer and nutritionist, as well as competed in gymnastics since her teens. Health and fitness have always been a central point of Noha’s life. This is why she gives 110% to her Client’s to help them not only achieve their physical goals, but to also instill that taking care of your body is a lifestyle, and not a trend.



Amanda Pechaver

Amanda has lived and breathed health and fitness for the last 16 years and is ACE certified.  After receiving her B.S.H. in Nutrition from the University of North Florida 7 years ago, she decided to become a personal trainer and help others achieve their fitness and nutrition goals. She is certified through the American Council of Exercise and plans on receiving a prenatal certification in the near future. Amanda makes fitness fun, challenging, and promises you will never get bored. From weight loss to muscle gains, Amanda’s creative training style will help create the new you!




Megan graduated from the University of Maryland with a Bachelor of Science degree in Public & Community Health.  She has over 4 years training experience as an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer.   She has specific interests in group training, spinning, kickboxing, and interval training.  She started her health & fitness journey young playing sports. With this, she’s also developed an interest in injury rehabilitation and takes pride in her clients getting results safely and effectively.  Through her passion and energy, you will be sure to have a great work out!




The human body is an amazing machine that has intrigued and never seized to amaze me for many years. This passion and curiosity has brought me to become a certified fitness trainer and spinning instructor to educate and share my knowledge and excitement with others. My goal is not to tell my clients what to do, or help them make a temporary change, but to educate them on how amazing the body is and help them see what they are capable of to make a change for a lifetime. As a wife and mother of two, I thrive for knowledge in both fitness and nutrition to offer not only my clients quality information but my family too. I take this job very serious and I look forward to meeting people who are serious and willing to be healthier and happier with who they are!





Certified Personal Trainer, TRX Suspension Trainer, Boxing Trainer,Everyone has goals, weather or not your goal is to gain muscle mass, lose body fat, or simply become more fit. My goal is your mission. Here at Fitness Lab Jax we have programs for everyone designed to fit your age, interest, and physical level. The only part you have to do is turn off the TV put down the chips come see us and try your hardest to reach.





Sally’s lifelong passion for dancing, fitness, clean and organic eating is the main reason she decided to become a zumba instructor in 2011 and that turned into a new level of fitness training that has allowed her to touch people’s lives and helped them reach their fitness goals. Her belief to work harder everyday to become stronger mentally and physically motivated her to train for the OCB bikini competition in 2013. Sally knows that in order to change a body, the mind and body need to be pushed to their max and that is what you will get when you come to her bootcamp classes. As a mother of 3 and wife she knows the importance of having an effective workout in the shortest amount of time. She hopes to motivate you to make fitness and healthy eating a life style.





Ecaterina Gheorghiu

Ecaterina obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Sports Management from University of North Florida in Dec 2013. She also coaches Cross Country and Track & Field at The Bolles

School. Ecaterina is a Romanian track athlete who specializes in the 3000m steeplechase; she has won multiple national titles and qualified for NCAA (National Collage Athletic Association) in 2011. Learning at a young age that discipline is the key asses we all need, own, and live in attaching any of life’s goals.

My goal, today and forward using my experiences, is to direct your focus and drive and assist you in meeting your goal. Ownership of this reward is yours alone. It is my honor to guide you in your journey, accomplishing your desire fitness profile.




Catalina is a group fitness instructor and personal trainer. She has been in the gym since 12 years old and throughout all her life. Fitness is her passion along with helping people reach their fitness goals. She is a happy mother of three active kids and she shares with them her passion to be healthy and fit.





“Yoga is union between mind and body thru the breath”

I started practicing yoga in 2008 to relieve stress from my job. I found myself calmer, less reactive and in great physical shape. I fell in love with yoga and pursued my 200hrs certification at Yoga Den here in Jacksonville. Where I was trained in Power Yoga and Gentle Yoga, covering any fitness level.  After that I went to India at the beginning of 2014 for my 500hrs Teacher Training at Sampoorna Yoga in Goa. There I was trained in Ashtanga, Vinyasa Flow, Yin and Restorative Yoga as well as Pranayama techniques.

I also hold a certification on Chair Yoga LVCYT, enabling me to teach yoga on a chair  where people can practice from their desks at work as well for people with mobility challenges.

I believe yoga is for everyone and can enhance any other excersice program such as running, weight lifting, swimming and is a great stress reliever. Once you start in the yoga path you will start to see all its benefits, I invite you to come and give it a try. Namaste